8 Lives Destroyed By Fire, Dozens Wounded In Haryana

Destroyed By Fire

Reports show that a tragic incident occurred in Haryana on Friday Night at the Kundali-Manesar- Palwal-Expressway, where a bus with devotees caught fire. This led to the loss of eight people and left numerous others in pain. 

The devotees were traveling back from Vrindavan and Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. The fire erupted when they were returning from the trip. The bus carried over 60 individuals, including women, children, and families, all residents of the Punjab. They became engulfed in the flames of the burning bus. 

Survivors described that they fire first began in the rear of the bus. They shared that the fire began around 1:30 am on Saturday. The passengers in the bus alerted the driver as soon as they notice something was off. 


Observing the worsening situation a motorcycle rider who was passing by the bus also alerted the driver. The motorcycle rider even followed the bus. He warned the bus driver about the flames erupting in the rear of the vehicle when he finally got the attention. He prompted him to stop the bus right away. Local residents ran to control the flames and rescue the lives of the people seated in the front of the bus. 

Eight devotees died, and dozens were injured after the bus caught fire. Officials said that the incidents took place in Haryana on Friday night on the Kundali-Manesar-Palwal highway. The devotees were returning home from a pilgrimage.

Survivors said that they first noticed the fire by smelling smoke. The passengers sitting at the back screamed for help. One of the survivors also shared that the bus was going on a pilgrimage to many holy sites. Many of the passengers were sleeping and woke up to smelling smoke. 

Once the bus stopped, locals rush to inform the police. They tried to extinguish the fire as well as get the passengers out of the bus and save their life. After a fire brigade reached the location, the blazing fire was put out and the harmed were moved to the nearby hospitals as soon as possible.

Many locals also claimed that the fire officials took almost three hours to reach the location. The bus had wholly burned down by then. The locals then had to run behind the bus, break the windows, and pull out as many people as they could. All this happened before the fire grew too tense. The locals also informed the police. However, the police also took some time to arrive. 

The exact reason for how and why the bus caught fire remains under investigation. The cause of the fire has not been ascertained yet. Over two dozen travelers on the bus suffered severe burned injuries, and eight people died. The horrific incident happened late in the early hours of Saturday. 

The victims belong to Hoshiarpur, Chandigarh, and Ludhiana in Punjab. The injured victims have been admitted to a hospital. The fire was also brought into control. Meanwhile, the police have launched an investigation into the matter.