Swiss Bank

Concerns About Employment Losses And Risk Concentration In The Swiss Banking Sector Are Raised By The Ubs-Credit Suisse Merger

Concerns Have Been Voiced Concerning The Effect On Jobs And Competitiveness In The Nation’s Banking Sector Following The Recent Merger Of UBS And Credit Suisse, The Two Largest Banks In Switzerland. Following The Failure Of Three US Institutions In March, Which Raised Questions About Credit Suisse’s Financial Stability In The Wake Of Multiple Scandals In…

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Thanks To RBI Intervention, India's Foreign Exchange Reserves Reached A 10-Month High

Thanks To RBI Intervention, India’s Foreign Exchange Reserves Reached A 10-Month High

Economists claim that as a result of the Reserve Bank of India’s constant involvement, India’s foreign exchange reserves have reached a comfortable level. In the week ending April 28, the nation’s foreign exchange reserves rose to a 10-month high of $588.8 billion, showing a remarkable improvement from a decline to $524.5 billion in October 2022…

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Low-Cost Airline Go First Experiences Financial Struggles And Fleet Grounding Due To Engine Delivery Failure

Go First, a low-cost airline, is dealing with several issues right now, including a severe financial crunch, Pratt & Whitney’s failure to deliver engines, and the resultant grounding of a sizable percentage of its fleet. The airline canceled all of its flights until May 12 and stopped selling tickets until May 15; nonetheless, it continued…

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Financial Results For Q4

Strong Financial Results For Q4 2023 And The Fiscal Year 2022–2023 Are Reported By Adani Power

The diversified Adani Group’s biggest private thermal power producer in India, Adani Power, has announced solid financial results for the quarter ending in January–March 2023 and the complete fiscal year 2022–2023. Adani Power’s consolidated net profit (profit after tax) for the January-March 2023 quarter was $5,242 crore, according to the corporate statement. This is a…

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