Google Chrome And Calendar To Stop Working – An Android Version Highlight

Google has always been unlikely of anything perform various beneficial operations for its users. Out of all the tech search engines, Google highlights to be on top till now. With several years of supporting systems provided by Google to android users, it is now demolishing this support. The system will no more be providing to Android mobile phones because the process is time-consuming and it costs much more for the people who are involved in the development process of such an assigned task. For users who are still using Android and have a 7-year-old operating system, Chrome v119 will be the last version to be held compatible. According to recent reports, Google is dropping off the support of Chrome v120. This process is likely to be initiated by the last month of 2023.

For users who are using Calendar in their older Android versions, there is an ‘unsupported operating system enabled’ flag that will appear on the user mobiles. They will be asked to upgrade the version to Android Oreo 8.0 or higher if they want to continue using the application. Google has not officially announced the demolishing of support which is being provided to the calendar but it is difficult, costly, and draining to keep supporting the older version. 

Google Chrome

Current research identified a percentage of 3% usage on Android devices. This was revealed when Google updated its version of statistics distribution. For users to continue using the version Android Nougat 7.1, they have to stay on the current updated side and version of this particular application. It is recommended for users to start their updates because using such older versions might cause them to be susceptible to attacks from viruses and other cyber issues. The update should specifically be held for security and privacy reasons.