The Most Common Cancer Type In India Is Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer

According to an article published in The Times Of India, amongst the different kinds of cancer that are prevalent amongst the people in India, cancer in the moth is one of the most common types which is found. Cancer in the mouth can happen inside any part of the mouth or across the oral cavity too like the gums, lips, inner lining of the cheeks, tongues, underneath the tongue, the floor of the mouth, and roof of the mouth as well.

According to an article from 2020 in Science Direct, medical experts have observed that mouth or oral cancers have been one of the most dominant types of cancers found in India. It further states that most people who either do minimal jobs or live in different sections across rural areas in India tend to consume tobacco directly. This acts as a major factor in causing cancer in the mouth.

Other agents such as zarda, gutka, cigarettes, khaini, hookah, and bidi too lead to cancer in the mouth. Amongst the younger and adult population in India, it has been found that people who consume these substances develop a tumor in the mouth. Some of the major symptoms and signs of oral cancer that must not be ignored are:

White Patches

Sometimes you will find that some people have developed white or red thick patches over the tongue, gums, nostrils, or even on the lining of the mouth. This condition is called leukoplakia. Although most patches of leukoplakia are non-cancerous some indeed are also an early sign that cancer cells have started to develop in the mouth. Generally, these signs occur in people who consume tobacco. One should immediately consult a doctor if he finds these signs.

Oral Cancer
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Persistent Lumps

When you develop a lump either in the lymph glands or inside the mouth without a reason and it sustains then the chances are high that it is cancer. Along with the lump a sore throat and a feeling that something has got stuck in the throat too are the indicators of oral cancer.

Numbness Or Pain

Inside any area of your mouth, neck, or face if you either feel numbness or pain without any valid reason then there are chances that it is cancer. Sometimes you can even find pain or swelling in the jaws which makes it difficult to put in the dentures if you happen to use them. Under such circumstances, visiting a dentist is a must because these are indicators of cancer too.

Loss Of Teeth

When a person has oral cancer his teeth began to become loose. Furthermore, you will find after any tooth extraction the socket does not heal quickly. This is a sign of cancer.


Once a person gets diagnosed with oral cancer, treatment starts immediately based on the area where the cancer is detected, the type, and the stage of the disease. The overall health of a person too is taken into consideration. There are different treatment procedures to it depending on cancer such as radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy as well.