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ICMR Recommends Females Who Don’t Or Can’t Exercise Follow Some Specific Guidelines

Women often struggle in maintaining a balanced lifestyle because they need to juggle multiple responsibilities. Not every women has time to invest in exercise to relish a healthy lifestyle. Recognizing this concern, the Indian Council of Medical Research has released a detailed dietary chart in its latest dietary guidelines for women who don’t or can’t…

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Highest Temperature

Highest Temperature recorded ever in India

With the start of the summer season, many parts of India are experiencing heat waves and increased temperatures than the previous year. In some places, the temperature has crossed last year’s maximum recorded temperature. In Delhi, the ever-highest temperature was recorded today at more than fifty degrees, fifty-two degrees Celsius, to be precise. This is…

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Xiaomi 14 Arrives

The Gadget War Heats Up: Vivo Y-Series Expands, Xiaomi 14 Arrives

The mobile phone market has not slackened in its competitiveness; phone makers are in constant battle for customer attention with additional features and attractive prices. This week saw important events in the mid to upper-bracket segments, including the release of some outstanding vehicles. Vivo, a major player in the global smartphone market, expanded its popular Y-series lineup by launching three…

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Copilot+ PCs

The Rise of Copilot+ PCs: A New Era of AI-Powered Computing

There is, however, a new crop of computers referred to as Copilot+ PCs that are expected to be the new frontier of computing. These machines, with the support of modern hardware and software platforms, are expected to deliver a new concept of customized and natural computing enriched with the help of AI technology. Copilot+ PCs are centered between harmonized cooperation of…

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A Safer Future: Non-Intrusive Voltage Measurement with IIT Madras and CET’s Invention

IIT Madras and the College of Engineering Thiruvananthapuram (CET) have come up with a very important breakthrough in electrical measurement technology. A recent patent application for an innovative device that measures AC voltage without making any physical contact promises electricians, engineers, and even homeowners will benefit from it by being safer and more efficient. This…

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