Struggling Minds- By  Farida Raj

About the author: Farida Raj, a mainstream school teacher in Mumbai, turned to special education when she felt she had a lot more to offer to the student community. She trained to teach children with Cerebral Palsy, did in-service training in the UK, and worked at the school run by The Spastic Society of India,…

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Finance Minister

Rozgar Mela Beneficiaries Are Encouraged ToShare Benefits For Public Welfare By The Union Finance Minister

Nirmala Sitharaman, the Union Finance Minister, has urged those who have received appointment letters as a result of the most recent Rozgar Mela to inform the public about the program’s advantages. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave 71,000 newly hired personnel in federal agencies and organizations nationwide appointment letters during a ceremony in Chennai. Rozgar Mela,…

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Tata Motors

Report: EVs, Asia, And Tata Motors

Asia is the biggest producer of Electric Vehicles (EVs). It is also one of the biggest markets for electric vehicles. Read this article to learn more. S&P Global Ratings have published a report recently. In the report, following two points have been put forward following points: EVs and Asia: The growth of EVs in India:…

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Swiss Bank

Concerns About Employment Losses And Risk Concentration In The Swiss Banking Sector Are Raised By The Ubs-Credit Suisse Merger

Concerns Have Been Voiced Concerning The Effect On Jobs And Competitiveness In The Nation’s Banking Sector Following The Recent Merger Of UBS And Credit Suisse, The Two Largest Banks In Switzerland. Following The Failure Of Three US Institutions In March, Which Raised Questions About Credit Suisse’s Financial Stability In The Wake Of Multiple Scandals In…

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