Alia Bhatt’s Journey to International Stardom: Key Factors Behind Her Global Appeal

This Bollywood widely talented actress, Alia Bhatt, has quickly evolved into an international celebrity, featuring in Met Gala events and Hollywood. Bhatt has recently revealed precise details of the management choices that made her an international figure in the last few years. Embracing Emotion Over Language Thus, Alia Bhatt explained that she is a truly…

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Jada Pinkett Smith’s Selfie Sparks Hilarious Social Media Comparisons

The recent selfie of Jada Pinkett Smith reverberated across social media platforms: fans, unable to resist drawing amusing comparisons between her and rapper Fat Joe, were captivated. Sporting aviator glasses, a deer-print puffer jacket–and donning stylish white sweatpants with black leg warmers unintentionally–Jada set the stage for an extravagant viral meme; thus catapulting herself into…

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Trio of Talent- Viraj Ghelani, Manasi Parekh, and Parthiv Gohil

A Trio of Talent: Viraj Ghelani, Manasi Parekh, and Parthiv Gohil Unite for Unforgettable Horror Comedy

Social media sensation Viraj Ghelani is all set to make his debut in Gujarati cinema with the Horror comedy “Jhamkudi” produced by Parthiv Gohil and Manasi Parekh under their banner “Soul Sutra Studios”. “It will be an out and out entertainer with equal amounts of thrill to keep the audience hooked till the end”, says…

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Mission Raniganj

Day 5 Of Mission Raniganj’s Box Office Earnings: Akshay Kumar’s Movie Gets 1.5 Crore And Slowly Approaches 20 Crore

At the domestic box office, Tinu Suresh Desai’s The Great Bharat Rescue has not been doing well. Mission Raniganj, which debuted last week, has so far brought in close to 16 crore in India, according to Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra play the leading roles in the movie. According to preliminary estimates, Mission Raniganj…

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