Udai Veer Sharma Takes Center Stage with Keynote on Advanced Lead Generation at InfoComm India 2023

Udai Veer Sharma Takes Center Stage with Keynote on Advanced Lead Generation

At the 11th edition of InfoComm India 2023, Udai Veer Sharma, CEO of JoinTheDots Adways, delivered a keynote on advanced lead generation. The event, held from October 25 to 27 at the Jio World Convention Center (JWCC) in Mumbai, featured Sharma’s insights into the global lead generation and pay-per-call industry, valued at $15 billion, and the strategic use of advanced technology systems for growth.

Real Estate Lead Generation

JoinTheDots Adways stands out in India’s real estate sector for its expertise in lead generation, particularly in Pay Per Call. The company is recognized for providing digital leads that drive success in the real estate market.

Technology for Growth

Sharma emphasized the importance of advanced technology systems in driving growth within the global lead generation industry. JoinTheDots Adways is committed to supplying digital leads and calls to sectors crucial to the global economy, such as real estate, insurance, and financial services.

Pay Per Call Opportunity

.The call center industry is experiencing rapid growth, marked by its fragmented nature with Thousands of call centers run by various individuals, presenting a somewhat chaotic yet opportune scenario. Sharma stressed that this fragmentation implies vast opportunities for those willing to navigate the maze.

“Inbound calls have significantly lower agent attrition rates than outbound, so it’s not a problem. If you can find some outbound call centers to convert them on inbound, and then you have your offer, essentially. You are the advertiser.”

Highlighting the superior efficacy of inbound calls, Sharma emphasized their significantly higher conversion rates compared to outbound calls. Whether it’s a local dentist’s office or a multinational call center operation, businesses universally cherish inbound phone calls. According to Sharma, inbound calls are not merely preferred; they are the gold standard, providing a substantial advantage over outbound alternatives.

Call Complexity Cycle

In the realm of phone leads, businesses often handle big-ticket items, which are expensive and crucial for their survival. A call center wouldn’t operate efficiently if it handled inquiries about low-value products like fidget spinners.

The costs involved, from employee wages to facility management and technology, wouldn’t justify the High advertising spend drives the biggest industries in the world using Pay Per Call.

Pay Per Call is employed by multi-billion and trillion-dollar industries, not just a select few. These industries focus on selling big-ticket items, necessitating high-value leads. With substantial advertising budgets, these businesses recognize the critical role that Pay Per Call plays in driving commerce opportunities. This dynamic creates a compelling landscape where Pay Per Call becomes a fundamental and exciting development in the advertising industry.

In a world saturated with lead generation and ubiquitous advertising, an actual phone call from a potential customer is deemed the highest value for businesses seeking new customers. This trend is unlikely to change soon, as calls continue to represent significant value for businesses, making them increasingly more valuable over time. The intrinsic worth of these calls positions them as a crucial aspect of customer acquisition, emphasizing their enduring importance in the evolving landscape of advertising and commerce.

Vision for 2024 & Global Expansion

JoinTheDots Adways aims to expand its presence globally, focusing on dominating not only the Indian real estate market but also establishing itself in Canada, Australia, and the UK. The company recognizes the importance of adapting to diverse markets and tailoring its approach to ensure success internationally.

As Udai Veer Sharma concluded his address at InfoComm India 2023, the message was clear—JoinTheDots Adways is setting new benchmarks in lead generation and pay-per-call marketing, poised for continued success and influence globally.”