SUNROOOF The Wellness Lighting

SUNROOOF The Wellness Lighting: Illuminating Basements with Sunlight

As modern technology continues to evolve, its influence on architecture develops. Innovative technologies, like VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) enable architects to establish captivating experiences for clients and allow them to explore immersive virtual environments. Technology plays a pivotal role in architecture and transforms how architects and interior designers construct, design, and present…

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Agrikheti Introduces Innovative Solutions To Address Real Setbacks Of Agricultural Sector In India

Agrikheti, the leading agriculture technology company in India, is thrilled to announce its commitment to providing next-generation agricultural solutions to all the farmers across India. With a focus on comprehensive training and development initiatives, Agrikheti stands out in the industry with its sustainable farming practices, technological integration, quality assurance and certification, proficiency in branding and…

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ZEWAY Mobility

Building India’s most affordable and reliable EV Ecosystem for better tomorrow

Lucknow, September 5: ZEWAY Mobility – A new age & vibrant EV Infrastructure Startup, dedicated in building a sustainable & accessible infra to all EV environment, is tirelessly creating an ecosystem, wherein it is working to provide E-scooter ride sharing & EV charging solutions. ZEWAY is continuously exploring the opportunities to make EV adaptability a…

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