Udai Veer Sharma Takes Center Stage with Keynote on Advanced Lead Generation

Udai Veer Sharma Takes Center Stage with Keynote on Advanced Lead Generation at InfoComm India 2023

At the 11th edition of InfoComm India 2023, Udai Veer Sharma, CEO of JoinTheDots Adways, delivered a keynote on advanced lead generation. The event, held from October 25 to 27 at the Jio World Convention Center (JWCC) in Mumbai, featured Sharma’s insights into the global lead generation and pay-per-call industry, valued at $15 billion, and…

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Xiaomi 14 Arrives

The Gadget War Heats Up: Vivo Y-Series Expands, Xiaomi 14 Arrives

The mobile phone market has not slackened in its competitiveness; phone makers are in constant battle for customer attention with additional features and attractive prices. This week saw important events in the mid to upper-bracket segments, including the release of some outstanding vehicles. Vivo, a major player in the global smartphone market, expanded its popular Y-series lineup by launching three…

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Copilot+ PCs

The Rise of Copilot+ PCs: A New Era of AI-Powered Computing

There is, however, a new crop of computers referred to as Copilot+ PCs that are expected to be the new frontier of computing. These machines, with the support of modern hardware and software platforms, are expected to deliver a new concept of customized and natural computing enriched with the help of AI technology. Copilot+ PCs are centered between harmonized cooperation of…

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Realme 12x

Realme 12x Unveiled

Realme has introduced the Realme 12x, a new model in the 12 series. Taking that forward, this new device comes as an update to the highly popular Realme 11x and brings in quite a few updates and features, which are notably part of an excellent user experience with a smartphone. From blazing-fast charging to a…

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Founders of Dashmalav AI- Chitrangda Shekhawat and Muskan Mandiwal

Dashmalav AI, a startup revolutionizing content creation and consumption with AI

Dashmalav AI, an AI based video enhancement startup based out of Jaipur has received awesome product response and rapidly gained traction since its inception, witnessing 3x month on month growth with 350+ paid customers already using their services in just four months of operations. Funded by BITS Pilani, its founders, Muskan Mandiwal and Chitrangda Shekhawat,…

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SUNROOOF The Wellness Lighting

SUNROOOF The Wellness Lighting: Illuminating Basements with Sunlight

As modern technology continues to evolve, its influence on architecture develops. Innovative technologies, like VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) enable architects to establish captivating experiences for clients and allow them to explore immersive virtual environments. Technology plays a pivotal role in architecture and transforms how architects and interior designers construct, design, and present…

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Agrikheti Introduces Innovative Solutions To Address Real Setbacks Of Agricultural Sector In India

Agrikheti, the leading agriculture technology company in India, is thrilled to announce its commitment to providing next-generation agricultural solutions to all the farmers across India. With a focus on comprehensive training and development initiatives, Agrikheti stands out in the industry with its sustainable farming practices, technological integration, quality assurance and certification, proficiency in branding and…

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