Narayana Health has launched “InsidER,” its first Indian medical documentary series, on Jio Platforms.

Narayana Health

Narayana Health, a leading healthcare provider in India, has partnered with Jio Platforms and released “InsidER,” the country’s maiden medical documentary series. The objective of this creative endeavor is to enhance people’s familiarity with emergency medicine and equip them with indispensable information that will prove handy during a crisis.

“InsidER” affords viewers a chance to take part in the high-stress world of ERs. The show consists of ten episodes, which are very gripping; these demonstrate how hard medical professionals work to save lives. It does not evade their emotional aspects either, depicting families coping with emergencies as well as persistent medics. 

According to Ashish Bajaj, Chief Marketing Officer at Narayana Health, “The ‘InsidER’ campaign was created out of an internal need to pay homage to the bravery of patients and the everyday struggles of families caught up in such emergencies behind closed doors.”

Each episode contains real-life characters played by patients and their relatives, enabling a fresh look at the costs borne by humans in medical emergency cases. The aim here is to build empathy for what happens in such crucial times.

The Jio Platforms partnership will ensure “InsidER” has maximum outreach. This means that this series will be accessible on Jio TV, Jio Cinema, and Jio TV+, making it available to a large population across India.

A lot of research went into the production of “InsidER” in order to assure medical accuracy. They are presented in a brief manner, such that every episode does not exceed 10 minutes, so as to make sure viewers remain engaged without being overwhelmed.

“InsidER,”  launched on March 27, 2024, has several main objectives:

Public Education: The program aims at educating its audience about emergency medicine as well as the concept of the Golden Hour, which is crucial during the first hour after a major illness, and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), which can save lives.

Prompt action: By doing so, it expects younger generations who want to become emergency physicians to do so in turn.

Individual power: This documentary series shows how important it is to know your local emergency room number and have it easily accessible. Such a simple step could keep someone alive during an emergency situation.

“InsidEr” symbolizes a great increase in the quality of Indian medical education in India. Through stories’ power and Jio’s reach, Narayana Health builds this platform, which in turn is a tool to raise people’s awareness, provide them with inspiration, and give them the skills and capacity to adapt effectively to health emergencies. 

By means of this documentary series, people will be able to not only realize the efforts of medical professionals but also gain knowledge that could possibly save their lives, thus fostering public awareness and preparedness.