Glad Bharat Foundation Through Abet Project Ujaas Is Revolutionizing Menstrual Health And Transforming Communities

Project Ujaas Is Revolutionizing Menstrual Health And Transforming Communities

In the heart of Shikhrawa village, of Nuh district in Haryana, a transformative event unfolded,  spearheaded by the Glad Bharat Foundation under the visionary leadership of Ahmad Shahbazi. The occasion marked a significant step in the realm of menstrual hygiene awareness, as myths were debunked, and mindsets were reshaped to embrace menstruation as a natural process. This commendable endeavor is part of an Aditya Birla Group initiative under “Project Ujaas”, which has embarked on a monumental 20,000-kilometer journey, carrying the flagship initiative of menstrual hygiene awareness across the nation. At the forefront of this noble mission were the coordinators Sariputra Kamble and Atul, whose unwavering dedication fueled the engine of change. Their presence at the event in Shikhrawa village underscored the commitment of Project Ujaas to drive tangible transformation at the grassroot level.

The overarching goal is to liberate communities from the manacles of superstition and misinformation surrounding menstruation, paving the way for a more enlightened and inclusive society. The program witnessed the participation of over more than 150 people of community women and adolescent girls, the event resonated with the spirit of empowerment and education. Welcoming the Aditya Birla van with open arms, the community embraced the opportunity to engage in dialogue and oust age-old taboos. Street plays, infused with poignant messages, captivated audiences and ignited conversations that surpassed barriers of stigma and silence. Central to the initiative was the distribution of sanitary napkins, courtesy of the Aditya Birla Group, a gesture emblematic of their commitment to menstrual health and hygiene.

Project Ujaas

The aim is to reach 2000 people of which half the target is already achieved and until then the program is to run in full swing after which impact assessment is to be done. Awareness is being spread with two sessions followed by recording of qualitative and quantitative analysis of individuals’ progress.  Further, the flagship initiative of Glad Bharat Foundation Pad-Atm, which aims to solve the affordability and accessibility issue of sanitary pads for community women residing in rural and remote areas which ultimately will make them habituated to the safe use of sanitary pads thereby improving hygiene during menstrual days. This PAD-ATM initiative got featured in josh talks also and the City Champion Award 2023 in Healthcare Excellence. The organisation is also engaged in the training of Asha and health workers which intends to provide long term sustainability to Project Ujaas. The objectives of the Project include debunking myths and taboos, raising awareness about menarche in order to deal with the panic and anxiety caused because of lack of knowledge about the same, safe disposal of pads, spreading awareness about unsafe sanitary napkins and maintenance of hygiene during menstrual days.

Project Ujaas remains steadfast in its mission. Through meticulously planned sessions and comprehensive impact assessments, the initiative aims to not only debunk myths but also address the myriad challenges surrounding menstruation. From the anxieties of menarche to the safe disposal of pads, no stone is left unturned in the quest for thorough menstrual hygiene management. As the program gathers momentum, the effects of change are profound. Communities once shrouded in ignorance now stand poised on the brink of enlightenment, armed with knowledge and empowered to break free from the chains of tradition. Menstrual hygiene shouldn’t be seen in an isolation to be a feminist issue; rather a societal issue that demands our collective attention and action. With the collaborative effort of the Glad Bharat Foundation and Aditya Birla Group leading the charge, the future of menstrual hygiene in India sees a brighter future.

The organization is striving hard for the upliftment of the unprivileged section of the society, This requires collaborative effort of the privileged section as well.

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