Bigg Boss Winner Munawar Gets A Grand Welcome

Bigg Boss Winner Munawar Gets A Grand Welcome-12

Bigg Boss is the most-watched television shows in the history of television if we talk in sense of entertainment. Over the years, many people from the outside world have taken part in the reality show as contestants. Some are from the TV industry and some are outsiders. Each year people compete with one another to reach the finale. Each season is unique in its way because of the people. Bigg Boss is under the genre of drama and every season it has a separate fan following. Every person waits for the night show every day. Every contestant has different personalities that they swear by and compete with. 

Munawar was known as a comedian before joining Bigg Boss. After winning the 17th season of Bigg Boss, Munawar got a grand welcome after he came back home. The superior welcome was given in Mumbai with decorations, garlands, and thousands of fans surrounded all over. The security cards were set up in different places to keep the celebrities safe and secure. These guards were ordered to stand around the car and protect his car. There was a huge crowd therefore it was necessary for precautions to take place.

Munawar was seen in his sunroof car greeting his fans who have been supporting him since he got into the house. He won the famous Bigg Boss trophy. A grand gesture of his fans made him emotional in front of everybody. People started cheering for him, giving him gifts, and started greeting him with flowers. People from all around the world were cheering for his win. People were carrying gifts and flowers for the grand celebration.

Bigg Boss Winner Munawar Gets A Grand Welcome

The winner exclaimed in joy and his eyes were filled with tears of happiness. He gave a speech to the entire audience and everybody started praising him for the win. Munawar has a huge fan following which made his way to the trophy much smoother. He had a successful journey where every task was completed by him.

Munawar gave a special mention to his family members because they have been a constant emotional support for him. His every step was mentored by the host of the show ‘Salman Khan’. He continued his journey with flying colors and wore the gold on his sleeves. To know more updates and read more about this, go to recent updates and check the latest news.