A Teenager From Kurukshetra Has Been Crowned As India’s Boying Champion Due To His Breaking Moves


As breaking now has been considered an Olympics sport, it is only a matter of time before it attracts the young people in Haryana, which is also known for its wrestlers, Boxers, field runners, and track and also, in recent years, for Shooters.

Whether it’s the local park or the banks of the sacred Brahmasarovar Lake in Kurukshetra, these are usually the unlikely settings for someone interested in the power beats of freezes and hip-hop freaking. These styles of Street dancing are highly known for their gymnastic and rapid acrobatics.

But even these settings were unable to stop a 19-year-old boy Gautam Kauslee or also known as the B-Boy Ginni, the name he had chosen for himself as he wanted to do something and expected now wanted the Men’s title of the Red Bull BC One Cypher at Nesco center in Mumbai. To select the ideal champion from each nation, the tournament was held in 90 different sites throughout the globe. These victors then competed in the breaking world finals.

The women’s Crown was won by Simran Ranga, also known as the B-Girl Glib, who grew up in Jaipur but also had her roots in Haryana. The win for B-Boy Ginni came out of the blue. B-Boy Flexagon, a 6-plus footer noted for its elastic feet, was vanquished by Delhi’s top B-Boy Diamond Ginni in front of Mumbai’s favorite Wild Child and B-Boys Tornado.

He gave the impression of someone super prepped, and his approach towards the sport was so flowing and slithery. It was just different from other participants Stated by Arif Chaudhary, India’s senior Breaker, also known by the name of B-Boy flying machine. He also stated that Ginni had the most composed around compared to all of the other participants, which was the main reason that it all added up and made him win.

Image Source : https://images.indianexpress.com/2022/12/hailed-as-mirabai-2-0-bindyarani-devi-wins-cwg-silver-679723.jpg?w=640

Breaking is also known as B-Boying / Girling or Break Dancing. It is a dance style involving spinning, tumbling and rapid footwork. And this dance form is a practice usually in Hip hop music. In recent years, this dance has been Highly popular in Metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai.

This year top battles were hosted, and it saw some great participants from cities like Siliguri Kurukshetra and Shillong. The city of Kurukshetra has been involved in a breaking dance culture since 2012 and 2013. Ginni stated that he started to practice this dance style in 2016 at Jindal Park, where he used to do only some simple flips; then he joined the Ranabhoomi crew, and their first dance of Battle was at a local jam dubbed Mahabharata Volume 1.

He also added that he just went down to watch the dance battle and was highly inspired by it earlier, he also wanted to become a backstage dancer like the people who used to dance like extras in the movies, but once he got into breaking dance, he just never looked back. He also added that things were only sometimes easy for him. Initially, his father, who runs a printing press shop in Kurukshetra, was worried about him going into break dancing.