4 Red Flags In Online Dating: Signs Of A Potential Stalker

Signs Of A Potential Stalker

The way people have chosen to interact in the 21st century is entirely different from how it used to be a few years back—today, dating crops up through platforms like Tinder that help you find the perfect match. You can count on this modern-day dating platform to foster meaningful connections and find the love of your life. But there are downsides to everything, even to the most-loved dating platforms that can match you with a potential stalker and put you at risk when you finally let your guard down. 

A stalker is the last person you want to date, and that too through a dating app. It is not something new when you look for a match on a dating app but it is surely common, so you need to be aware of personal safety. Make sure you don’t mistrust your instincts when you have stepped into the online dating mirage. Privacy experts around the world also recommend you to look for signs of a potential stalker to stay safe and protect yourself from falling into grave danger. 

Shows Excessive Interest

Signs Of A Potential Stalker

When a person shows excessive interest in you, it should be treated as a red flag. A stalker will constantly send you messages. This person will not care even when you have told them that you are busy or you need space. A stalker will develop an obsession with you, and that is unhealthy for both of you. A potential stalker will want to talk to you all the time and initiate a conversation with you. You will either feel overwhelmed or else trapped when you are talking to them.

Asks Questions On Deeply Personal Areas

In case your match starts asking you questions that are way too deep for discussion while having the first few conversations, then again it is a red flag. If they ask you questions about your financial status, living situation, daily routine, past relationships, etc., you need to slow down or take a step back. You are probably dealing with a potential stalker in this case. If your match is a stalker, they will want to know each and everything about you. They will try to gather as much sensitive information as they can to manipulate or control you in the future.

Unpredictable Actions And Mood Swings

Did you notice an unpredictable behavior too early? Or was it an erratic mood swing you couldn’t understand coming from your match? These are red flags you need to pay attention to before you fall deeply into their trap. A stalker often has zero control over their mood swings. They can go from an aggressive mood to an affectionate one really quickly. If you notice them doing this for minor things, you need to step out of this relationship.

Controlling Behavior 

Stalkers find satisfaction in dictating and monitoring what you do. They want to know everything, from what you like to eat to where you like to go in a day. A stalker wants to have access to everything you do at all times. A potential stalker wants to control what you do, where you go, and who you interact with. The stalker wants to control you and isolate you from your friends and family, so you are for their eyes only.