A Comprehensive Look At Anticipated Features And Innovations In Apple’s iPhone 16

Apple's iPhone 16

This year iPhone is going to be launched in its next and exciting 16th iteration. For that, Apple is not leaving any stone unturned to make the phone a fan favorite. 

There have been numerous changes that people are expecting to get on the phone. First of all, it is going to have a bigger screen than the last version. It will likely have 6.3 and 6.9-inch screens in the Pro and Pro Max models. It is also likely to have a bigger battery in the top model.

There are also speculations that it is going to have a titanium body. It is also a change from the previous preference for aluminum from Apple. However. Apple did use it in the iPhone 15 Pro model. 

The devices are likely to be released around September. The manufacture of their parts is going to be started in the coming weeks. 

There are also talks that the new flagship will likely have a 3nm CPU. Another addition will be the action button which was previously reserved for the Pro model. It is also interesting to see the addition of the shutter button for the camera. The button will likely serve the purpose of a camera button. It will likely respond differently to different levels of pressure. In terms of response, it is going to alter its focus and capture of the subject. 

It is also going to be a new change in the camera setup. Apple is planning to introduce a vertical setup for the cams. They are going to be more powerful than the last one and will also have a 48 MP sensor. 

All of this has been in tandem with the leaks of Samsung S25 leaks. They are going to change the landscape of the tech world this year with several new features. 

Also, reheating has been one of the major concerns for iPhone users. So, this year iPhone will probably have the solution to that problem. Apple is reportedly working on a graphene thermal system to remove this issue in this year’s offering. 

All of these leaks have been on the internet for quite some time now. These are also going to keep increasing as the manufacture of the display and other parts starts. However, we will have to be patient till the launch of the actual device. Then only we will be able to confirm the truthfulness of these rumors and see the actual device.