Agrikheti Introduces Innovative Solutions To Address Real Setbacks Of Agricultural Sector In India

Agrikheti, the leading agriculture technology company in India, is thrilled to announce its commitment to providing next-generation agricultural solutions to all the farmers across India.

With a focus on comprehensive training and development initiatives, Agrikheti stands out in the industry with its sustainable farming practices, technological integration, quality assurance and certification, proficiency in branding and marketing, and unwavering commitment to research and development to unveil innovative solutions to tackle challenges of the well-rooted agricultural industry in India.

A highly acclaimed company, Agrikheti specializes in developing innovative solutions that address real agricultural problems faced by farmers. With a strong emphasis on leveraging cutting-edge technologies like computer vision, geospatial analysis, and IoT, this Punjab-based agri-tech company equips farmers with all the necessary tools to increase their sustainability and profitability.

Located in Mohali, Punjab, Agrikheti has successfully helped more than 1,37,788 farmers till date. With good years of experience, 13198 planted farms, 54 crop coverage, 492 crop varieties, 258 brands, 2168 products, 92 services, 70 suppliers, 200 buyers, 28 traders, and 53 service providers, Agrikheti offers top-notch agricultural solutions to address challenges faced by the local farmer. Agrikheti is backed by the most experienced professionals in machine learning and artificial intelligence to fine-tune crop yields, optimize operational efficiency, and supply top-tier products to the market.

With a main vision of formulating a seamless ecosystem with innovative AI-powered technology, Agrikheti strives to regenerate the agricultural value chain by connecting farmers with technology and allowing them to make quick, low-cost, and hassle-free business transactions.

Agrikheti offers a digital platform supported by intelligent technology for humans to make the whole process of agri-business smooth, responsive, and swift. The company helps all stakeholders to come together under one umbrella and create a strong community without the replacement of community members. It offers a single place for all the requirements of the agri-business community. Thus, helping them save time for business transactions, deliver effective results, and increase profitability.

“Agrikheti is designing unique agricultural solutions to help farmers address their deepest concerns to enhance the caliber and consistency of their agricultural yield,” says the Founder of Agrikheti.

Where almost every other nation operates an up-to-date ecosystem to explore the best potential of the agricultural sector in their region, the Indian agricultural sector still operates similarly to how it operated years back. Because of the heavy deficiencies in the agricultural sector of India, Agrikheti has emerged to the rescue. The company works heavily alongside existing participants to regenerate the agri value chain.

“With the need for new approaches to tackle agricultural setbacks growing, a well-devised and technology-driven ecosystem needs to be put in place,” adds the Founder of Agrikheti. “Despite the fact that agricultural territory only adds to fifteen percent GDP, it is coming up as a significant livelihood source for a large proportion of Indian population. This is why there is an ever-growing need for a well-integrated ecosystem to ensure good returns from the hard work and investments put in by the farmers and stakeholders.”