Indian Team In Pakistan: Look What Players Have To Say


This will happen for the first time in 60 years. The Indian team of tennis players will go to Pakistan for the Davis Cup Tie. It will be a team of 10 people in total. 5 are the main team players and others will include their support staff members and coaches to guide them. The sport will take place in Islamabad around 3rd – 5th February. The members were welcomed warmly for the upcoming sports event to happen.

They exclaimed that they were treated rightly and warmly. From the moment Indian players landed till their practice sessions and stay, everything was very hospitable. The players have been there for 24 years and all they have to say is that they are being treated well. Proper safety and security measures are being taken for the team and other staff members. The staff people of Pakistan have said that ‘we are taking extra care because Indians have stepped on the land after a long while’.

To ensure proper safety and security, 3-4 layers are maintained on every square inch. No matter the differences or personal conflicts, sports have always been the most prominent part of both countries. Both India and Pakistan act like competitive qualifiers when it comes to fighting spirit and competition. 

Indian Team In Pakistan: Look What Players Have To Say

Both countries are serious when it comes to any sports competition. The members are fully dedicated and pumped up. They have prepared well and are constantly practicing for their win. Despite the geological conditions between both countries, people have been warm to the welcome and hospitality of Indian members. Each player of both teams has a unique ability and characteristic that is required in the sports field. To know more about the latest updates for their upcoming results, check the live news.