Maruti Suzuki Launches Invicto: Shares Of The Company Go Up By 4%

Maruti Suzuki Launches Invicto: Shares Of The Company Go Up By 4%

After the launch of Invicto, its manufacturer Maruti Suzuki has been in the limelight. The stock of Maruti Suzuki first opened at around 9,600 INR. However, as the day passed, there was a jump of around 4 percent. 

After the high, the stock was at 10,036 INR. This price is the new 52-week high of Maruti Suzuki. The 52-week low of the automobile company has been around 8,000 INR. After some fluctuations, the stock finally settled at 9,994 INR which is a 3.61 percent rise.

Maruti Suzuki Invicto

Maruti Suzuki recently launched its most expensive car Invicto in the Indian market. The purpose behind launching this car in the market is that the automobile brand wants to establish itself in the premium car market with three-row multi-purpose seats.

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Some reports consider Maruti Suzuki Invicto a cross-badged version of Toyota’s Innova Hycross. Toyota launched its latest car at the end of the last year. However, it is unclear if there are any significant similarities between the two cars.

The current price of this premium car ranges from 24.8 lakh INR to 28.4 lahks INR. The car is equipped with an Intelligent Electric Hybrid powertrain. Apart from that, the car also features an e-CVT transmission and a 2-litre engine. It gives the car maximum fuel efficiency of around 23 km/ltr.

Along with the car, the automobile company has also announced its production numbers for the previous month. According to the announcement, the automobile company has manufactured a total of 137,133 units. It includes light commercial vehicles as well as passenger vehicles.

Apparently, there is a decline in the production numbers. When the production numbers of last month were compared to those of last year, it turned out there is a five percent decline in the numbers.

The company stated that the decline is due to a shortage of electronic parts that has caused a little strain on the production chain of the automobile company. However, the company has reassured its customers that it is taking all possible measures to reduce the strain.