Nikhil’s Latest Film Spy Receives Mixed Feedback From The Audience

Film Spy

The popular South Indian actor Nikhil’s much-anticipated film Spy finally hit the theatres on June 29th. However, contrary to the expectations of everyone, the film has not pleased the audience and fans of Nikhil. 

On the day of its release, people in large numbers went to watch the film on the first day. As a result, the film collected around 11 crores INR on the first day. However, the film did not do much on its second day.

While the trailer of the film seemed very promising, many viewers stated that the film was very different from what they had expected after watching the trailer. Due to this reason, many viewers and fans of Nikhil were unimpressed by the film.

Expectations of the audience from Nikhil

Nikhil was last seen in his blockbuster movie Karthikeya 2. The film was a huge hit in the South Indian states as well as some of the Northern states of India. Due to his performance in Karthikeya 2, the audience expected a lot more from the South Indian actor.

After watching the trailer of the movie, fans were more than excited to watch the movie in theatres. However, it seems like Nikhil could not live up to the expectations of his fans and the audience. 

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Similar to Nikhil’s last movie, Spy has a strong patriotic plot and theme. The movie is based on one of India’s greatest freedom fighters Subhash Chandra Bose. The film revolves around the mysterious disappearance of the freedom fighter as the plot tries to uncover India’s best-kept secret.

As fans got to know about the plot and theme of the movie, they had high hopes for it. However many viewers stated that they felt cheated and betrayed after watching the movie.

According to some viewers, the movie is nothing like what was shown in the trailers and teasers. Some have also stated that this movie will be a huge failure this year. Whether the movie succeeds at the box office, remains to be seen.