Punjab Man Shot Dead by Terrorists

Punjab Man Shot Dead by Terrorists

Police said on Wednesday that in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, some terrorists shot a person from Punjab and he died; another person got very hurt too.

The person who was the victim, named Amritpal Singh from Amritsar city – now because of what happened to him, the security teams have surrounded the Shaheed Gunj place in Srinagar.

The police in Kashmir Zone shared information on X that Amritpal Singh, who lives in Amritsar but is not from this place, was shot by terrorists at Shaheed Gunj Srinagar and he died from the wounds. Another person with serious injuries was quickly taken out for medical help; we had to block off the nearby area because of this situation. We shall provide further details in due course.”

Officials, referenced by PTI, have disclosed that terrorists used an AK rifle to shoot Singh from very close distance at about 7 pm; regrettably, he died immediately there. Another person not from this area involved in the event was Rohit, aged 25; he got injuries from bullets in his stomach. Originally from Amritsar and still here—Rohit is receiving medical care at SMHS hospital which is located inside the city.

The heads of the Peoples Democratic Party and National Conference quickly condemned the assault on people from Punjab.

Punjab Man Shot Dead by Terrorists

Dr. Farooq Abdullah, who is the leader of JKNC and his deputy Omar Abdullah feel very upset and disgusted about the cruel event that took Amrit Pal Singh’s life in Shala Kadal, Srinagar. They are sending their deep sympathy to his family who are mourning. The party’s social media post conveys this message.

Our society must not accept violence; rather than helping us move forward to progress and peace, these violent actions just block our way to improve.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) strongly denounced the terrible attack and offered sincere prayers for the quick healing of the hurt person. This event is an important and troubling moment in Kashmir this year. This is the first time that terrorists have gone after someone who doesn’t live in the area. But, if we look at the last year, there were many times they attacked people from other places, especially in regions like Anantnag and Shopian. Even with these difficulties, the strong spirit of the individuals has continued. Yet, the latest assault highlights the ongoing danger from terrorism and shows how important it is that we work together to achieve peace and safety in this area.