Remedies Of Fatty Liver That You Can Try

Fatty Liver

According to an article published in The Times Of India, Fatty liver disease has the potential to draw multiple other life-threatening diseases in the body. In this condition, the excess fats of the body get stored in the liver. What triggers this issue is both unhealthy lifestyle and consumption of alcohol. Although the condition of the fatty liver does not bring any symptoms along with it but generally with time a patient having a fatty liver experiences abdominal pains, loses weight, and gets fatigued too often. If proper treatment is not given then this condition with fatty liver will further lead to strokes, diabetes, and heart attacks.

Fast On Alternate Days

According to research conducted at Illinois University in Chicago, it has been found that fasting on alternate days along with proper exercise and diet has improved the condition of nonalcoholic fatty liver condition in patients. 

Brisk Walking

Fatty Liver
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Not many are aware of this simple way but indeed if you walk briskly every day, your condition with fatty liver shall improve. At the State University of Pennsylvania, researchers have found that hundred and fifty minutes of intense to moderate aerobic activity each week reduces the fat in the liver. In the previous research, it was mentioned that exercise is necessary for reducing a fatty liver. But, this time the researchers have discovered the duration of the exercise specifically.

Good Diet

Researchers at Harvard University have found that if a Mediterranean diet such as more green vegetables are included in diet, it cuts down by half on the risk of fatty liver. This Mediterranean diet consists of an aquatic plant by the name of Mankai and green tea. They both have beneficial compounds called polyphenols which cut the fat in the fatty liver in more effective ways than by other methods. 

Risks Associated With Fatty Liver

One can only have a serious approach toward the condition of the fatty liver when one is aware of the risks involved with it. Some of the risks involved are sleep apnea, obesity, greater levels of triglycerides, diabetes, and hypothyroidism. There are even some medicines too that accumulate fats in the liver. 

This condition can only be treated when a healthy weight and diet are maintained followed by exercising regularly. Although fatty liver does not show any symptoms in the beginning but, it is important to consult a physician when you observe certain signs in your health. Some of the signs are your weight is reducing rapidly and you are not having an appetite for food. You can also experience pain in the abdomen or feel exhausted too often. 

There are also various digestive issues too that indicate that you have a fatty liver. Indigestion, bloating of the stomach, or even constipation ate the indicators of it. 

Even when you drink too much alcohol the liver breaks down most of its substances for helping the system to remove it from the body. But through this process, harmful substances are generated in the liver causing inflammation to it. It also makes the natural defense system weak in the body. Indeed, the fatty liver condition must be taken seriously as it leads to serious health implications.