Taylor Swift Ashley Leechin Kicked Out Of A Los Angeles Store


Similar to Taylor Swift Ashley Leechin is receiving criticism for posing in public as the singer. On Instagram, she posted an explanation. It’s just Ashley,” the guard said, “being led from a mall.” On Sunday night, videos and images of one Ashley Leechin lit up Taylor Swift fan pages on social media.

Ashley has gained some popularity on TikTok and Instagram for resembling Taylor Swift. However, her most recent stunt garnered criticism from Taylor’s followers as she went to a store in Los Angeles while posing as the singer, complete with a few ‘bodyguards’ wearing black.

Asheley in Disney world

In an attempt to fool several customers, Ashley entered the store with her group wearing a white shirt, blue trousers, a red bag, a red cap, and Taylor’s signature red lipstick. As soon as shop security led her outside, she had to abandon her intentions. With Ashley still being mistaken for Taylor, people crowded around them and attempted to take pictures of her.

Taylor Swift

Ashley pretended to be Taylor and visited Disney World earlier on Saturday. Ashley claimed that the behavior was not “malicious” on Instagram Stories and that celebrities frequently use decoys. “Please don’t anticipate me to stop posting comments, cease creating stuff, or even to vanish altogether.

You have all the air you need to say what needs to be said—that’s why it’s called freedom of speech. The films that have surfaced have been completely taken out of context, so I just want to say thank you to everyone who has reached out to me and sent me messages. I only want individuals who are upset about rumors will move on and eventually be able to enjoy their day,” she stated. Taylor Swift supporters are now enraged with Ashley.