The Dragon’s Dogma 2 Created A Gameplay In The Tech World

Dragon's Dogma 2

I found it quite impressive that they were able to create a planet. Director admits GTA 5 served as an inspiration for Dragon’s Dogma 2.

GTA 5 was a major source of inspiration for Dragon’s Dogma 2 director Hideaki Itsuno, who stated, “That feeling of making a living in world is something that I’ve definitely tried to achieve.”

Grand Theft Auto 5 served as a major inspiration for Dragon’s Dogma 2, according to game director Hideaki Itsuno. Given how far the fantasy RPG genre has come since the first game’s release a decade ago, Itsuno discussed other games he looked at for inspiration for Dragon’s Dogma 2 in an interview with Video Games Chronicle.

It was evident from the gameplay footage Capcom recently displayed at the Tokyo Game Show that the sequel is adhering to the fundamental principles of the first game.

The team’s main goal, according to the director, was to enhance the original game with new elements they weren’t able to include earlier.

Whether it was due to a lack of time or pushing the capabilities of the hardware available at the time, we mostly just wanted to take things that we couldn’t accomplish in Dragon’s Dogma at the time it was released, he said. Therefore, we sort of inspired ourselves primarily by finally being able to fulfill our goals on the current console generation.

But when asked about other games that influenced them, Itsuno claimed that Rockstar’s GTA 5 had the most influence on their growth, not a fantasy RPG.If I had to pick one other game that came out in the meantime, I would actually say GTA 5,” he explained.

“I kind of admired how they were able to create a world in which it really felt like the NPCs were going about their lives independently of the player.”