The First Flagship Store Of Akshay Kumar’s Force IX Has Been Opened In Mumbai

Akshay Kumar

The renowned Bollywood celebrity Akshay Kumar recently opened a flagship store for his athleisure brand Force IX. The store’s opening included a fashion show, and the store is located in the suburban Bandra district, which is on Linking Road. The measurements of the new store are 1800 square feet.

Manish Mandhana and Akshay Kumar inaugurated the store. Both of these people also co-founded the parent company of Force IX, 9 AM Ventures Private Limited. 

This brand was also announced in the press release, which took place at the store’s inauguration. The store has unisex products like sweatshirts, T-shirts, denim, hoodies, etc.

The launch of the store featured a fashion show. This fashion show was jampacked with a wide range of models and not only them but retired officers from the Army, Maharashtra Police, Navy, Mumbai Police and Air Force which was a unique concept on its own. The actor also expressed his feeling by telling people that he wanted to start his clothing brand for almost seven years now.

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In the press release, Akshay Kumar also shared his thoughts on the store. According to him, the main idea behind creating Force IX was to create a brand that cares for the customers’ comfort and fashion needs. 

He also stated that he was unaware that the brand would become a significant part of the lives of all of the people working together towards its creation after working tirelessly for months.

The actor also shared how proud he is of the brand for launching the first flagship store of Force IX. according to the actor, shopping in this store will be more of a lifestyle experience than a shopping experience. 

The actor hopes that through the flagship store of Force IX, his patrons will have a glimpse into the actor’s lifestyle. This will be possible through the store’s products and all of its retail experience.

The store’s overall design is highly inspired by a wide range of training camps and boot camps used by the national forces. You can also get the reflection of the realistic style of the store into the designs by Force IX designs. The main aim of the brand is to mix fashion with function.

The store also has a lot of interactive features; for example, there is the activity of rock climbing available in the fitting rooms. The co-founder of 9 AM Ventures Private Limited also announced that a part of all the profits from every sale at Force IX would go directly towards the ‘Bharat Ke Veer organization. This organization was created to support the families of Indias Martyrs.

This also makes the store more special as when a person shops something at Force IX then, they will not just buy or wear a product, but rather they will be wearing the nation’s pride as in an indirect way they will be contributing towards o organization, which is helping the families of our late soldiers.