TMKOC Fame Actress Jennifer Mistry Quits The Show And Accuses Makers Of Harassment

Actress Jennifer Mistry

The Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma (TMKOC) fame actress Jennifer Mistry recently revealed that she quit the show after working for so many years as Mrs. Sodhi. She has also accused the makers of the show of sexual harassment. Read this article to know more.

TMKOC fame actress Jennifer Mistry on Thursday has revealed that she quit the show in March itself. She also said the reason for her quitting the show after working so many years with them. She has accused the maker Sohil Ramani and shows producer Asit Modi.

In an exclusive report by HT Sohil Ramani has responded to the accusation directed at him. He seems to retaliate at the accusation made by the actress.

As per Ramani, the contract between the show and Mistry was terminated by the maker and not the other way around as said by the actress. He added that the contract was terminated three months back.

He said that Mistry is trying to blackmail them as she is unable to find work and all of this is a cheap publicity stunt pulled by her. He added that during the shoot they let go of many behaviors of the actress. He said that she was not on time for the shoot which created a misunderstanding between the actors and the shoot. He claims that he has proof against her if need be.


Earlier Mistry has told a portal that she was insulted on the set of the show by maker Sohil many times for leaving before daily time, despite taking permission for it. In response to this, Sohil said that it was a lie and she wanted to leave before the said permitted time.

Responding to the accusation of sexual harassment Sohil Ramani seems very disappointed. As per Ramani, there is a women’s committee set up for them. He raises the question of why she never reached out to the committee for this serious of a situation. He claimed that they never enter a female actress’s makeup room.

Sohil Ramani has said that the production house has yet not cleared their due of her fees because of this situation. He explained they are asking her to explain her decision and the motive behind her actions these few months. They have reached out to her by email for the same situation.

This situation caused the show and the production house to suffer loss.

Another accused by Mistry, Asit Modi, has stated that they are ready to take legal action. It is because she had tried to defame not only him but also the show and this has caused harm. The accusation is said to be a baseless allegation as per Asit.

In this report, Jennifer Mistry was unreachable to get her comment on the responses of Sohil Ramani and Asit Modi.

The makers seem to talk that this is a ‘desperate’ move of the actress as she is removed from the show by the show makers and is now unable to find work.