Walnuts: boon for your body


Walnuts have many nutrients to meet the needs of your body. If consumed in the proper way and proportion, it can be beneficial to your body in many ways. In this article, we will discuss a few benefits of consuming walnut and how they can be a boon to your health. 

Walnuts are brain-shaped with a nutty flavour. It is rich in vitamins, fibre, iron, and carbs. They are beneficial to your memory and have a positive influence on the brain’s performance. Walnuts, if consumed properly, can help you strengthen your body’s health. 

Now, eating walnuts as they are can be very tempting. It can’t be so beneficial to your body. One of the best ways to obtain maximum benefit from the walnut is to opt for consuming soaked walnuts. 

Soaked walnuts are easy to digest. They are very effective to lower cholesterol in your body. Your body can absorb the nutrient and all the good contents from the walnuts with ease. Take a few walnuts, around 2-4, and soak them overnight to eat them first thing in the morning.

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This nutrients rich food has many health benefits that ensure a healthy body and mind. Following are a few of the benefits of consuming walnuts. This will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle in the long run.

Source of energy: 

  • The walnuts are filled with nutrients like vitamins, fibre, iron, and more. It makes them a good source of energy for the day. 
  • They can be considered a healthy snack to munch in the day. 
  • They are easy to carry and can be easily included in your diet. 

Source of antioxidants:

  • The paper-like thin skin of walnuts is rich with many antioxidant components required by your body for various functions.
  • The nutrient and antioxidant properties of walnuts prove to be excellent to build your immune system. 
  • It is said to have the highest antioxidant activity compared to other nuts available. 

Manage the inflammation:

  • The many types of polyphenols present in walnuts can be very effective in countering inflammation and oxidative stress. 
  • Consumption of walnuts regularly helps you fight inflammation and avoid major issues and injury. It also helps to prevent blood clots and related health problems. 

Weight management:

  • The walnuts are heavy food. It means that they are fulfilling and can satisfy your hunger with just a few pieces of walnuts. 
  • It will help you manage your calorie intake, thus helping you to manage and maintain your weight. 
  • They are versatile to include in your diet. 

Managing cholesterol levels: 

  • Cholesterol, especially bad cholesterol is seen to be harmful to your body. In the long run, the cholesterol present in the can have a fatal impact on your body. 
  • Consuming walnuts on a regular period can help you lower the level of cholesterol. 
  • Lower cholesterol level ensures healthy heart and body functions. 

Promotes good sleep:

  • Melatonin found in walnuts is said to be a sleep-promoting chemical. 
  • One can consume soaked walnuts if they are struggling with sleep problems.