Counting Has Begun For The West Bengal Panchayat Elections; TMC Is Ahead In 2,229 Seats, While BJP Is Ahead In 664 Seats

West Bengal Panchayat Elections

According to early trends, the BJP is ahead in 664 seats in West Bengal’s gram panchayat elections, while the Trinamool Congress is leading in over 2,229 of them, State Election Commission officials said on Tuesday. According to them, the CPI(M) is currently in the lead with around 460-gram panchayat seats, followed by its ally Congress with 168.

SEC authorities say the TMC is currently leading in 28-gram amenities. According to officials, the voting for the three-tier panchayat elections in West Bengal for over 74,000 seats began peacefully and under heavy security. There are 22 districts with a total of 339 counting locations.

South 24 Parganas had the most counting centers (28), while Kalimpong had the fewest (just 4). Unfavorable weather is also seen in several northern districts.

“The counting, which started at 8 am, will probably go on for the following two days. Counting the votes and compiling the results will take some time. By the end of the day, we anticipate having a trend accessible, said an SEC representative.

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To prevent unforeseen situations, prohibitory orders under Section 144 of the CrPC have been placed outside all counting locations and operated by armed state police officers and central forces. Twenty-two districts, including a total of 767 strongrooms.

At various sites, crowds of supporters of various candidates gathered to ensure the counting was done properly.

On Saturday, violence erupted during the rural elections in West Bengal, leaving 15 people dead as vote boxes, ballot papers, and bombs were thrown at rivals in various locations.

Eleven of those who died belonged to the TMC. Since the election dates were published on June 8 and the voting process started, 30 people have died in the state.