Re-Polling Conducted In Over 600 Booths In The West Bengal Panchayat Elections

Re-Polling Conducted In Over 600 Booths In The West Bengal Panchayat Elections

The State Election Commission or SEC decided to conduct re-polling in over 600 booths in West Bengal. The SEC took this decision following the violence that took place in West Bengal during the panchayat elections.

The State Election Commission announced re-polling in five districts of West Bengal. These five districts contain over 600 polling booths. Thus, re-polling took place in all these booths across the five districts.

Which districts conducted re-polling in West Bengal?

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According to the statement of an SEC official, the five districts that conducted the re-polling of Panchayat Elections were Nadia, Purulia, Jalpaiguri, South 24 Parganas, and Birbhum. 

On July 9, the state election commission stated that the re-polling will take place under the sub-section 3 and sub-section 4 of section 67. In the statement, the commission also mentioned that the re-polling will take place at 7 in the morning on July 10.

According to the SEC, the re-polling took place at all the mentioned booths of the five districts on July 10 in the morning. Even though it was short notice for the officials, they performed their duty efficiently.

The re-polling process was continued till 5 in the evening as per the orders of the SEC. The state election commission had given strict instructions regarding the uninterrupted completion of re-polling. Thankfully, all the instructions were thoroughly followed.

The cause behind the re-polling in West Bengal was unnecessary violence. During the first Panchayat Elections of West Bengal, some leaders of the Bhartiya Janta Party alleged that the leaders of the Trinamool Congress were encouraging ballot rigging during the elections.

When such statements were passed, leaders of both parties got into a heated argument which was followed by violence. As a result, the MP of the Bhartiya Janta Party Khagen Murmu asked for re-polling of the Panchayat Elections in West Bengal.

Even after the re-polling, the Bhartiya Janta Party is still accusing the opposition of fake voting. Whether the Bhartiya Janta Party emerges victorious or the opposition wins remains to be seen.