Expert Diet And Homecare Guidelines To Recover Quickly After H3N2


According to an article published in The Times Of India, generally, the circulation of the influenza virus is at its peak during the seasons of monsoon stretching from the months of June to September. There is also another peak time for its growth during the winter months which is from November to February. In India, right now there is a surge in viral infections and influenza because of H1N1  and H3N2.

According to Dr. Sunita Kapoor, in the last few years, the predominant strains of these viruses have been quite high which has led to hospitalizations. In humans, infections generally occur when they come directly in touch with animals who has infections or in a contaminated environment too. But the thing about these viruses is that they do not sustain humans for longer. But the current state of viruses is fatal to human life.

People Who Are At A High Risk To Get H3N2

Children who are about two years old and also adults who are about sixty to sixty-five years of age have more chances of getting this virus. Other than them, people who live close to care facilities, and nursing homes, are pregnant, have weak immunity, and suffer from chronic illnesses like kidney or heart disease, and even asthma. They all are prone to get affected by this virus. Even people who are traveling across foreign countries are also vulnerable to getting affected.

Guidelines For Care At Home

It is always better to follow the guidelines that you take for the prevention of the common flu. In addition to that, a few things must be checked like washing hands regularly, ensuring that the hands are clean and dry before touching the face, maintaining hygiene while sneezing or coughing, and being self-isolated if there is a feverish feeling.

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Things To Eat And Avoid

To recover from the flu you must eat nutritious food. Even if you do not feel like having the food you must have little portions at frequent intervals. It will help in giving you strength. Fresh vegetables and fruits will give the necessary minerals, and vitamins, and strengthen immunity. Consume plenty of liquids too in order to keep the body hydrated. Having honey and tea or herbal tea is also a good option. Fast foods, greasy foods, and heavy and fried foods must be avoided.

How Long The Symptoms Remain

The symptoms are the same as the flu. In the case of the H3N2 virus, the fever lasts for about six to seven days. After that cold and cough will persist for some time as it affects the lungs. Mostly for the children and the elderly, special attention must be given to the patient. If the fever remains, hospitalization may be required.

How To Get Cured

Staying indoors and having the prescribed medicines on time along with proper food and fluid will help you recover soon. In some, there may remain fatigued after getting cured. Having lots of healthy food, proper sleep, and moderate exercise are recommended by Dr. Kapoor.