Forty-Four Courses From India Have Made It To The Top 100 QS World University Rankings

World University

According to an article published in The Times Of India, good news prevails for India, as far as education is concerned across the global level. Many of the universities in India have got mentioned in the list of the world’s top institutes for studying popular subjects. This has been taken into account, especially in the field of science, technology, mathematics, and engineering. From last year’s count of thirty-five, this time it has got increased to forty-four programs from different campuses that have made it to the global top hundred. On Wednesday, this list was published according to the rankings of the QS World University by Subject in 2023.

In the thirteenth edition of rankings by subjects, it showed that the Indian Institute Of Technology-Delhi has been featured in the premiere global league in the top fifty for electronic and electrical engineering. It is in the forty-ninth rank this time, advancing by seven places. Similarly, IIT-Bombay has made it to the ninety-second spot for Math, advancing by twenty-five spots.

World University
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 IIT-Madras has made it to the ninety-eight rank, moving up by fifty spots. The electronic and electrical engineering program of IIT-Kanpur has made it to the eighty-seventh rank in the world. And its computer science and information system course has grabbed the ninety-sixth spot. IIT-Kharagpur is in the ninety-fourth rank of the world’s top institute for computer science and information systems. It has moved up by fifteen spots. Where universities are concerned, Jawaharlal Nehru University has made it to the sixty-eight rank, and the University of Delhi has made it to the ninety-one rank breaking into the world’s top hundred in sociology.

Ben Sowter who happens to be the director of QS Research has said that education is one of the biggest challenges that is faced by India, delivering high-quality tertiary education across the face of a demand explosion. It was recognized during the NEP 2020. This set the ambitious target of a fifty percent gross enrolment ratio in 2023. Now, this is going to provide some reassurance that the number of educational programs which has been featured across the fifty-four subject rankings and the five broad faculty areas have got increased this year. From two hundred and ninety-nine it has made a jump to three hundred and fifty-five this time.

At the global level, the US institutes lead in thirty-two subjects. Harvard University happens to be the strongest-performing institution, holding the first rank in the fourteen subjects, which is two times more than the previous year. The British universities are in the top fifteen subjects table. The universities of Oxford and Cambridge lead in four and two subjects, respectively.

In the current edition, it has ranked sixty-six Indian universities, achieving cumulatively three hundred and fifty-five entries across different programs. It has shown an increase of 18.7 percent in comparison to the previous year’s two hundred and ninety-nine. According to QS, the highest-rank program in India is dentistry. After that follows is Petroleum Engineering.