Highest Temperature recorded ever in India

Highest Temperature

With the start of the summer season, many parts of India are experiencing heat waves and increased temperatures than the previous year. In some places, the temperature has crossed last year’s maximum recorded temperature. In Delhi, the ever-highest temperature was recorded today at more than fifty degrees, fifty-two degrees Celsius, to be precise. This is the highest temperature ever recorded in India. However, the officials from the IMD claim that the temperature recorded may be erroneous due to an issue in the sensor that records temperature or because of any other factors. The officials claim it’s erroneous because the temperature record is almost four degrees higher than the temperature recorded in surrounding stations.

At times, the system may give data containing errors, and hence, a team of experts has been sent to the automatic weather station to investigate the issue. In one of the other cities, Safdarjung, the temperature record was around forty-six degrees, which is one of the highest recorded temperatures in eighty years. 

Highest Temperature

In addition to the other heat waves and high temperatures, a severe water shortage is also disturbing the people in various parts of India. The authorities have decided to put a hefty fine on people who are wasting water or carrying out the misuse of the water. In some places, the penalties are up to two thousand rupees from May 30. Water wastage included washing cards, overflow of water from the water tanks, and the usage of the domestic water supply for construction and other works.  The authorities are now empowered with the quick disconnection of the water supply to those buildings that are found misusing the water or illegally using it. All these measures are taken to save water from fighting the ongoing summer season and heat waves, which disturb people’s daily routines.

In addition, the shortage of water, the summer season, and the heat waves have added to the increased consumption of electricity in the country. Due to the increased usage of air conditioners and coolers to escape from the heavy heat of the sun, the retirement for power has also increased exponentially. The demand for energy has touched the peak of the capacity of production. Any increase in demand cannot be handled by the power production companies, which can lead to severe issues. Low voltage issues are common due to increased power requirements, which can lead to damage to the equipment over a period of time.

Due to the intolerable temperature, many companies have adjusted their work time so as to cater to the ground-level employees who do the hard work under the sun. Periodic breaks and facilities for drinking water have been provided by many companies to save the workforce. Many companies like LG have announced a respite in the afternoon for their work till the end of the summer season.

On the contrary, an uncommon phenomenon is happening in Kerala and some parts of North Eastern India. The officials have announced that the monsoon may arrive in Kerala and the North Eastern state simultaneously, which is a common phenomenon.