Wastage of water can now fall heavy on you in the form of a Penalty in Delhi.

Wastage of water

With the start of the summer and temperature at the peak level the requirement of water has become double that of a normal day requirement in Delhi. The authorities have decided to impose a hefty penalty on those people who are misusing the water for their personal use or illegal usage. A fine amount of two thousand rupees will be levied on those individuals who are found guilty of the illegal use of the water.

Special teams are formed that will carry out the investigation into such cases and then impose the fine on them. Individuals will be fined majorly for using water to wash their cars and for the recreational use of water. Individuals will be fined if they restrict the overflow of their water tanks and the usage of water for construction purposes, which are entitled for domestic usage.

Wastage of water

The special team has found out that there are many illegal water connections in Delhi and the surrounding areas. The illegal pipe connections are taken for construction works and commercial buildings. They are also given the power to disconnect any water supply that is found to be legal and then take legal action against such individuals or groups who are found guilty.

This was brought into force when the production of water declined in Delhi, leading to a serious water shortage during the summer season. The raw water supply to the water treatment center has been drastically reduced, and the available water is polluted and requires deep treatment to be used for drinking purposes. The canal connecting the Ganga has been found polluted, making the water through the canal unusable.

Many organizations have come up to help people understand the need for water conservation and how to do it in the most effective way. They have succeeded in making the message reach everyone so that everyone will work together to achieve the aim of conserving it.

The fire service department of Delhi is also facing a severe shortage of water to carry out firefighting services. The director of the firefighting services requested to call them as soon as possible without resorting to firefighting measures themselves. He also informed us that the number of calls for fire rescue is increasing day by day in proportion to an increase in the temperature. He has assured us that by stretching the manpower and utilizing all resources, they will be ready to carry out the rescue operations around the clock.

The authorities have announced that they are taking all possible measures to save the water, and new measures will be adopted to save the water. This includes the rationing of water, thereby limiting the water supply to the individuals so that the save water can be shared with people facing severe crises.

Due to the acute water shortage, new restrictions have also been imposed on the timing of the water supply. Authorities have informed that the supply will be restricted to once a day, wherein the supply was carried out twice a day before the start of the summer. The water saved by restricting the supply will be supplied to the areas facing the severe water crisis.