In The Upcoming Three Seasons, WPL Will Remain A Five-team Affair, According To The Chairman, Arun Dhumal

In The Upcoming Three Seasons, WPL Will Remain A Five-team Affair, According To The Chairman, Arun Dhumal

WPL, also known as the Women’s Premier League, will remain a five-team affair for the upcoming three seasons even though it’s been a big success since its inaugural edition. In contrast, BCCI is planning to introduce the format of home and away from the next season to help increase the franchise’s fan base, according to the IPL chairman Arun Dhumal.

According to the chairman, the format of home and away will help the teams in the game to build a fan base quickly, and the board is willing to take this step without wasting any further time. Well, according to them, the well beginning of the tournament is half done as the tournament of WPL has a great beginning, and they expect Will to do so much better in the upcoming seasons.

 It started with five teams, and as it will be going forward in the future, there is a scope for some additional teams to join up as a good amount of prayers will be joining the win in the year that will follow. Surely we are working towards increasing the number of teams in the tournament, but for now, in the upcoming three seasons, we want that number of teams will remain at 5.

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Yes, we are working towards applying the format of Home Away, and we have to see which slot in which team is available for the players when it comes to an Indias International commitment; we have to work according to that and then take a call. It is very important when it comes from the point of view of fan engagement. Then we apply the format of home and away stated by Dhumal.

The first will has turned out to be a massive success among the players and their friends, but the tournament was placed through a tough timeline, and it was just right after the women’s T20 World Cup the BCCI decided that all the games would be placed across two venues in the city of Mumbai.

Many fans turned down to watch the games at the DY Patil Stadium and Brabourne Stadium. The event successfully generated massive attention even before it had the opportunity to place its first ball within the teams. It helped BCCI fetch an amount close to INR 4700 crores and the media close to INR 951 crores.

Dhumal also stated that it had been nothing but a phenomenon ride so far, but we can also describe it as very challenging in that we had to manage the time slots when we started with wpl. We are surely highly satisfied that things have been moving forward. We only had a little window for this tournament as the world cup was there, and the girls only had about a week to come back and start practicing for this one. 

He also said that everything related to the tournament, team rights, media rights, and player auctions happened one thing after another. Still, the way it all was received by the audience first was nothing but a phenomenon.