New Admission Cycle Begins In IGNOU For The Year 2023-24


Indira Gandhi National Open University has announced its new admission cycle for 2023-24. This admission cycle will end on June 30 which is the last date to apply for various programs that IGNOU offers to students.

The admission cycle opened on May 15. Undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. students can apply for various programs in this admission cycle. For all students irrespective of their educational background, the last date to apply for programs will remain the same according to an IGNOU official.

Launching of new courses                                  

This academic year of 2023-24 will also include the courses that were launched by IGNOU earlier this year. Thus, students can apply for these new courses in this admission cycle.

Earlier in February, IGNOU launched certificate courses in the field of food and nutrition. These courses were launched under the School of Continuing Education under IGNOU.

Unlike full undergraduate and postgraduate courses, these certificate courses can be completed in six months. Thus, students can choose these certificate courses as secondary programs while doing their graduation or post-graduation.

IGNOU launched this certificate course to increase awareness about the importance and effects of food and nutrition on our lives. Through these courses, students will gain more knowledge about how healthy food and good nutrition are important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The process of application for these courses will be the same. Students who are interested in these courses can go to the official website of IGNOU and apply for these courses.

There are no educational qualifications required for these courses. The only condition is that the student must be 18 years of age or older to apply for these courses. These courses are offered with minimal fees to further encourage students to apply for these courses.

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Simultaneous exams and admissions

The announcement of the commencement of the admission cycle was made a month after the announcement of the 2023 term-end examinations. According to this announcement, the term-end examinations of IGNOU will be conducted in June 2023.

While the exams begin on June 1st, they end on July 6. Thus, students from various courses and fields will give their end-term examinations in a month.

Simultaneously students who have cleared their class 12 exams can begin to apply for courses in IGNOU for the next academic year. Similarly, those who have completed their graduation and post-graduation from different universities can also apply for courses in IGNOU.

Indira Gandhi National Open University was formed in 1985. It was done under the Act of Parliament. This Open University offers degrees, certificates, diplomas, postgraduate diplomas, and advanced diplomas in various fields.

The Open University is an institute that provides quality education with high flexibility. Students can opt for distance courses and on-campus courses through this institute.

Most degree courses offered in this Open University are structured with a modular approach. It is done to meet the various needs of the students while maintaining the flexibility required to learn efficiently.

The modular approach to these degree courses involves a balance between different courses and teaching and learning methods.