TOD’S: Revenue Climbs 23.3% In Q1 FY23


The luxury Italian fashion house Tod’s has reported its quarterly revenues for Q1 FY23, which is €270.9 million at constant exchange rates. This is 23.3% more than the revenues of Q1 FY22. The consolidated turnover of the company stands at €270.5 million for Q1 FY23, which is 23.2% more than the same quarter of FY22.

The company recorded 18% growth through Italy and Europe while China revenues stand at 29%. The chairman and CEO of the company said that they have achieved excellent growth through all of their groups, which recorded excellent revenues. He added Tod’s and Roger Vivier performed extraordinarily outstandingly.

Tod’s has recorded 24.4% year-on-year growth, whereas Roger Vivier recorded 30.9% year-on-year growth. The products which received strong customer acceptance include iconic shoes, leather goods, accessories, etc. The Retail channel registered a 23.6% growth year-on-year basis. This accounts for almost 70% of the group’s turnover.

The company said in a statement that the group recorded excellent results in Italian and European markets. The company has received excellent feedback in all product categories, which is a result of the company’s craftsmanship and high-quality products.

TOD’S Revenue

Tod’s S.p.A. or Tod’s Group is an Italian company which is owned by the founding family Della Valle Family. The company has completed 103 years of its establishment. Diego Della Valle is the Chairman and CEO of the company. The company is specialized in producing footwear and other leather products. The company sells high-quality footwear, bags, and fashion accessories.

The company started its journey out of a basement in the 1920s. To expand the business and turn it into a factory, Diego Della Valle, grandson of Filippo Della Valle (founder of the company), worked hard and started manufacturing footwear for American department stores. In the early 1980s, Diego Della Valle created brands named Tod’s, Hogan, and Fay by adopting innovative marketing strategies and developmental plans.

In the mid-1990s, the company started Roger Vivier; a high-quality and luxury shoes making brand. The company has a wide chain of stores around the world that helps in expanding its products to a global stage. The large flagship stores of the company are present in many countries including Europe, the US, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, and Australia.

The company licensed its name and branding to Marcolin Group to sell sunglasses and optical frames in 2008. In 2015, the company extended its stock value to 60.7% in Roger Vivier for €415 million. The company has made tremendous growth by adopting innovative strategies to make this a global brand. Today, Tod’s group holds significant value in the fashion industry. The group owns some of the famous brands including Roger Vivier, Hogan, and Fay.

The iconic Tod’s loafers are one of the popular items, which is one of the reasons for the brand’s success in the fashion industry. In India, the company has its stores in DLF Emporio Mall, New Delhi, and Palladium Mall, Mumbai. We can also find their products online at the Ajio e-commerce platform which is owned by Reliance.