WhatsApp Is Making An Upgradation To Its Existing Feature


Very soon the Meta-owned WhatsApp will add an upgradation to its already existing feature. This popular app for messaging is available across different platforms and has become one of the most highly used apps for daily users too. In 2020 this app introduced to its users a feature for disappearing messages. This feature has been widely welcomed because it gave users a sense of assurance that the messages they exchange regularly do not remain saved on the platform forever.

The company now is reported to bring a further upgrade to this feature. It is adding a further duration option in it. With the help of this update, users will gain more flexibility and control over their messages. A report published by WABetaInfo states that this new feature has been spotted to be in development for the current beta update which has been brought in for WhatsApp Desktop. The users will be able to access this feature with an update that is about to come.

How The Upgrade For New Duration Will Work In WhatsApp

The marked messages under the feature of WhatsApp disappearing messages get automatically removed after a certain time. Through this feature, the privacy of the user’s chat messages gets enhanced. It ensures that the messages do not get saved permanently either on the device of the recipient or the server.

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Right now in WhatsApp, there are only three duration options available for the disappearing message feature. They are seven days, twenty-four hours, and ninety days. The report contains screenshots that reveal right now several things are being worked upon on the feature for disappearing messages on WhatsApp. In the menu under the More options, the user can find it.

Under the new ability, the user gets fifteen options for disappearing messages this time which range from one year to one hour. This new feature for disappearing messages on WhatsApp was found on the app’s Windows Desktop feature. In the report, it has not been revealed yet whether this feature will also be available for Android and iOS as well.

How Useful Will These New Durations Be For The Users

Having more options on the duration of the disappearing messages will bring greater control to the users on the messages they receive and send. The option for a one-hour duration is going to be very useful especially when the message contains confidential or sensitive information.

Lately, multiple upgrades have been added to WhatsApp by Meta to ensure a greater user experience. Just a couple of days back this month, a new version of the app was announced. It would fix bug issues, add improved security levels, and also bring in new features which are not present in the app, currently. The users are required to update to the new software version which is safer. From Meta, it has also been said that the older version of WhatsApp is going to expire very soon. The new version of WhatsApp will not have any expiry date.