Maharashtra Reports 700 Cases Of Covid In A Single Day


On Thursday, Maharashtra recorded the most hike in Covid cases in the past five months. Seven hundred Covid cases have been reported in this state, yesterday. This jump in the infection has taken the number of active cases above the three thousand mark. In a matter of just nine days, this number has got doubled. 

From the health department of the state, a notice has been issued to the districts on ramping up the testing in order to identify the positive cases. The notice also said about isolating the Covid positive patients. On Thursday in Maharashtra, six hundred and ninety-four Covid positive cases have been reported. Whereas on Wednesday, this number was at four hundred and eighty-three. It was towards the end of October last year that this state has seen a rise in the number of positive cases which was close to seven hundred. A total of nine hundred and seventy-two cases were registered during that time. However, no news of death has been reported on Thursday.

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Many other districts across India have marked a positivity rate in Covid cases of more than ten percent. According to Thursday’s data, the rate of positive cases reached at twelve percent. A hundred and ninety-two fresh cases have been detected which has taken the total active cases to eight hundred and forty-six. It has been six days at a stretch that the number of admissions in the hospitals has remained at double digits. Yesterday about thirteen patients were admitted to the hospital. This has taken the number of admitted patients to fifty-five.

Amongst all the patients who have been admitted to the hospital, twenty-eight of them are on oxygen support. The doctors are of the view that irrespective of the number of cases which has got risen there has not been a rise in the number of hospitalization. Most patients in Maharashtra has got cured after medication and home isolation. Dr. V Nagvekar who happens to be an expert on infectious disease has said that even after a rise in the number of positive cases, Covid-19 has been self-limiting. But he also had a word of caution that whenever a patient finds that the fever persists over seventy-two hours, he must immediately take medical assistance.

Dr. R Walinjkar who happens to be a physician has said that the need for oxygen has especially been for the patients who are aged and are suffering from various other ailments too. Right now the number of active cases in Pune stands at seven hundred and seventy-three whereas in Mumbai the number is at eight hundred and forty-six. Various other places inside Mumbai have marked an increase in the number of active cases though there was no death reported as of Thursday. Across fifteen districts the number of cases has remained under single digits till now. 

The health minister of Maharashtra also held a meeting with the medical staff earlier this month. He is highly concerned about the increase in the number of cases and has advised taking the necessary steps and performing genome testing too.