Yarraji Scores A Faultless Finish In A ‘Imperfect’ Race


Despite the challenging conditions, the Indian proved why she was the overwhelming favorite for the competition. James Hillier is an unforgiving coach. Hillier was already considering assessment and post-race analysis roughly sixty minutes since his ward Jyothi Yarraji achieved her first Asian Championships championship in Bangkok. “Of course, I’m thrilled, but learning never ends. You can always get better, he added.

If one adheres to Yarraji’s professional path, improvement becomes apparent as a consistent trend. The 23-year-old hurdler has already gone under 13 seconds five times this year after breaking the 13-second barrier near the end of last season. Her winning run in Bangkok, when she timed 13.09 seconds, was only her eighth-fastest out of 13 starts in 2023.

“The race wasn’t flawless. Conditions were challenging. During her race, it poured, and hurdling in the rain is difficult because the water goes in your eyes. The obstacles also get slick. All things considered, we’ll accept the outcome, said Hillier, Reliance Foundation’s director of athletics.

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Yarraji came into the contest as a strong favorite after winning the Inter-State championship just over a month prior with a time of 12.92 seconds. She set the pace with a strong performance in the heats, clocking 12.98 seconds. According to Hillier, if it weren’t for the rain, Yarraji would have run 12.80 seconds or faster.

“It was a sluggish race, but she would’ve won by 3 to 4 meters under normal conditions. Her main asset is that she relies on the process and doesn’t obsess about the outcome. There is no point in worrying about her competition because she is aware that she has no control over how they perform. Over her last two years, she has advanced significantly, the Englishman added.

In order to help Yarraji restore her strength in the weeks prior to the Asian competition, Hillier put her through a rigorous exercise regimen.