72 Percent Of Indians Loves To Snack When Hungry

72 Percent Of Indians Loves To Snack When Hungry

According to an article published in The Times Of India, a recent consumer study made in India brings out some interesting facts. We all are aware that our emotional state and mental health determine our eating habits in a big way. A new study about consumer habits has found a strong association between ready-to-eat snacks and the state of the mind. A study that focused primarily on the perceptions and attitudes of the frozen snacks market has found that seventy-two percent of Indians snack when they are in a happy mood.

This data is almost the same for both genders. The reports state that it is very common for Indians to snack when they are happy. Be it at the office or home they always look for excuses to snack when in a happy mood.

In the Indian snacking report which has been published by Godrej Yummiez, it mentions that a leading frozen food manufacturer of ready-to-cook products along with InQognito has found that seventy percent of Indians feel happy, satisfied, and excited after having snacks.

This study was made across East, West, North, and South regions and has also covered ten cities such as Ahm3,dabad, Pune, Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. Amongst all of the people who have been interviewed across these cities, fifty-six percent agreed that they snack more when sad. Forty percent of Indians believe that snacking helps them to come out of boredom, elevates their mood, and pass time too.

The report has further revealed that eighty-one percent of Delhiites tend to snack more when their mood is happy. Delhiites are in the lead among the different major city dwellers such as the people of Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Jaipur, and Lucknow.

 In this entire list of major cities, more than sixty percent of people live either in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Lucknow. People across these cities tend to snack often more when they are sad. Whereas, Rajasthan city and Jaipur are in the lower ranks of this list. Both these two cities combine to make less than fifty percent of people’s snacks when sad.

The increasing fondness for ready-to-eat snacks seems to have got migrated towards families too. In the report, it has been mentioned that over half of India’s parents consider snacks to be mini meals. In addition to that, a third of India’s parents are consuming snacks for full-time meals too. The report affirmed that this trend involves thirty-four percent of males and thirty-five percent of females.

 This eating habit has been led due to multiple other factors like the ease of cooking, and the availability of domestic help. Forty-four percent of Indians believe that having snacks is an easier option for those who do not have domestic help. Whereas, sixty percent are of the view that it is a good option for the unmarried and the youth. This dynamic has indeed the modern snacking trends in Indians.