Haramanpreet Kaur will be leading Mumbai Indians in WPL.

Haramanpreet Kaur

Harmanpreet Kaur will be the first captain to guide India to 50 victories in 20-over matches. She has said that she is eagerly anticipating and prepared for her next significant challenge. For the first season of the Women’s Premier League (WPL), she will serve as captain of the Mumbai Indians. 

She is happy to be a part of the Mumbai Indian community. It was a highly emotional time for her, as she remembers. She remarked, “I’ve seen the Mumbai Indian squad doing so well on TV,” in an interview. I’m going to join in immediately,” you say.

Harmanpreet has been a successful captain and player in the T20 format. She is the only Indian female player to score a hundred runs in international cricket. She is also the first Indian captain to lead the team to the knockouts in her first three World Cups as a skipper. 

She is highly famous for her aggressive leadership style. She is the one who led team India to a historic silver medal finish at the Commonwealth Games in the year 2022 and is planning to contribute as the bold and aggressive captain for Mumbai Indians.

Haramanpreet Kaur
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She stated, ‘When you show that aggression, the opposition is always under pressure. For me, it is very important that I support every player from my team and play aggressive cricket,’ when she was being interviewed about her preference for the style of captaincy. She also has a unique partnership with her head coach Charlotte Edwards at Mumbai Indians, and she is also known as one of the most composed coaches in the game.

Indian Women Hosts earn more than 1 Billion through hosting.

To kickstart the month of International Women’s Day, Airbnb hosted a panel of big names such as Songwriter Lisa Mishra, Entrepreneur Kirti Ponnia, Cofounder of Relove, actor and actor and author Soha Ali Khan, and Airbnb Host Kakoli. All of the panel members shared their thoughts on ‘Embrace Equity’, which was also the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day. Airbnb highly focuses on women empowerment all over India and globally, even though more than half of the global Airbnb Host community comprises women.

Hosts like these are the pillars of the local community, which employ other women in marginalized communities, contributing to the society’s regrowth and catalyzing economic activity. The females who hosted Airbnb in India earned over INR 1 billion in 2022, according to the internal data provided by Airbnb. 

In addition to this fantastic fact, women hosts who was 60 years of age on Airbnb were able to earn more than INR 200 million in India in 2022, and for many of these women, hosting on Airbnb has become an essential source of income which will help them through their retirement.

Airbnb highly focuses on promoting connectivity and a sense of belonging and remains committed to celebrating our diverse community of hosts. They are trying to create an inclusive environment that will help them foster their growth and success. Most Airbnb hosts are the pillars of their local communities and highly support gender equality in marginalized communities.