TrueBrowns Launches Their New Jewellery Category


The brand trueBrowns are on its way to becoming a lifestyle brand as they launch its new jewellery category. Supposedly the brand has invested up to three lakhs in the launch of their new category.

trueBrowns is the product of GOAT Brand Labs, and now they are embarking on their new journey towards turning themselves into a lifestyle brand as they launch their new jewellery category. This newly launched jewellery category by the brand features up to 30 necklaces, earrings, and rings options.

The founder of the trueBrowns, Udita Bansal, shared the important details about the collection. The brand has high expectations with their newly launched category, and they hope that this category will be able to contribute upto 3 percent to 5 percent to the overall sales by the end of their current fiscal year.

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The founder of trueBrowns, Udita Bansal, also stated that they plan to add more options in this category in the upcoming months. They are also working towards foraying into other categories of women’s accessories.

The brand is highly focused on the work of their new category as they have invested upto three lakhs for foraying into this new category. The brand’s founder also stated that they are making significant efforts towards reducing the timelines of the last-mile delivery.

The previous timelines of their deliveries were 7-8 days, but they are working on these new timelines. Thus they were able to make improvements in their timelines, and now they can provide 24-hour delivery for all of their customers in the regions of Delhi NCR and for customers throughout India. They provide delivery services in 24-72 hours.

The company is also taking extra steps towards enhancing its delivery capabilities as they are also planning to establish a regional warehouse in the south and west regions, according to th founder. The company is also quite proud of the results of repeated fruition as the sales in FY23 increased by 3x.

The brand is targeting having a 2x increase in FY24 as they continue to strive towards providing comfort and quality fashion for all individuals, further added by the founder of trueBrowns. The brand is size-inclusive, and approximately 20-22 percent of the sales of the brand come from the extreme size product range.

Currently, 75 percent of the brand’s revenue is clicked from the brand’s website, and the rest of the 25 percent of the brand’s revenue is coming from the marketplace. According to the founder, the company is anticipating that this spit will also be there in the future.

In the last year, the brand was able to foray into the offline marketplace as they had a partnership with the brand Shoppers Stop, and this year, the products will be available in all of the iconic stores as well. According to the SIS, the company is also planning to invest an amount of 5-8 lakhs.

The brand is exploring the possibility of launching an exclusive brand outlet in the marketplace. The brand has also begun its expansion on an international level through the medium of online channels and started in January of this year. And this expansion is responsible for 25 percent of the brand’s business.