PM's House

Drone Spotted Over PM’s House

A principal security breach occurred in New Delhi as a drone changed into spotted hovering over the house of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The incident has raised concerns approximately the protection and safety of top authorities’ officers, prompting the government to launch a radical investigation into the problem. The unidentified drone became observed hovering…

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Manu Abraham

BlinkLearn: The Brainchild of Manu Abraham, a Visionary Educator Redefining Learning Experiences

Manu Abraham, a visionary educator, HR professional, entrepreneur, and social media content creator, is proud to announce his commitment to revolutionizing the way students learn and grow with his groundbreaking initiative, Blink Learn. The educational platform founded by him represents his passion and expertise in the field of business and infotainment. A good educator engages…

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Finance Minister

Rozgar Mela Beneficiaries Are Encouraged ToShare Benefits For Public Welfare By The Union Finance Minister

Nirmala Sitharaman, the Union Finance Minister, has urged those who have received appointment letters as a result of the most recent Rozgar Mela to inform the public about the program’s advantages. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave 71,000 newly hired personnel in federal agencies and organizations nationwide appointment letters during a ceremony in Chennai. Rozgar Mela,…

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