Rozgar Mela Beneficiaries Are Encouraged ToShare Benefits For Public Welfare By The Union Finance Minister

Finance Minister

Nirmala Sitharaman, the Union Finance Minister, has urged those who have received appointment letters as a result of the most recent Rozgar Mela to inform the public about the program’s advantages. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave 71,000 newly hired personnel in federal agencies and organizations nationwide appointment letters during a ceremony in Chennai.

Rozgar Mela, sometimes referred to as a job fair or employment fair, provides a venue for companies and job seekers to interact to facilitate hiring and job placement. Rozgar Mela’s main goal is to bring job seekers and potential employers together by giving them the chance to learn about open positions, submit resumes, and participate in interviews or conversations with recruiters.

These gatherings are often planned by public sector organizations, academic institutions, or private businesses to combat unemployment and support the labor force by providing a networking venue for employers and job seekers. Rozgar Mela provides a simple platform for job seekers and companies to connect and find good employment matches by offering a wide selection of career opportunities across many sectors.

Nirmala Sitharaman, the finance minister, distributed appointment letters to new hires during the ceremony in Chennai, including those from the Department of Posts, Railways, Health and Family Welfare, Petroleum, and Defence. She emphasized the significance of educating people outside of one’s immediate family about the advantages of the Rozgar Mela scheme and enjoined them to motivate others to improve their lives.

The Rozgar Mela, according to Sitharaman, acts as a catalyst for expanding employment opportunities, empowering youngsters, and enabling their active engagement in societal development. Along with job offers, the event gave the potential hires a chance to interact with the finance minister and even take a selfie together.

The chosen candidates, who are from diverse regions of the nation, will fill a variety of roles, including senior commercial-cum-ticket clerk, station master, and train manager, among others. Additionally, they will have the chance to receive training through “Karmayogi Prarambh,” an online orientation program created for all new hires in different government ministries.

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The distribution of recruitment letters at the Rozgar Mela in Chennai is regarded as a crucial step in implementing Prime Minister Modi’s pledge to give employment creation priority. The program intends to give many people employment opportunities and support the overall growth of the country.

The government is working to raise public knowledge of these programs and to promote as much participation in them as possible, as seen by the Finance Minister’s request to the Rozgar Mela scheme’s participants. Individuals can contribute to extending the reach of employment opportunities and having a good impact on many people’s lives by spreading information about the benefits of the program.

Overall, the Rozgar Mela provides a useful forum for bringing together job seekers and potential employers, promoting economic expansion, and reiterating the government’s commitment to creating jobs. The efforts made through such programs aid in the advancement of the country as a whole and the empowerment of young people.