In The Wake Of Its Q1 Results, Wipro Announced Acquisitions Worth $3.7 Billion And A 66.5% YoY Profit Increase

Wipro experienced a phenomenal YoY increase of 66.5% and achieved extraordinary performance by obtaining 55 significant agreements with a TCV of $3.9 billion. The company’s order book increased by 28% at the end of the previous fiscal year, and in FY23, it added 22,000 new employees. Additionally, mostly through acquisitions, it added 435 new clients….

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Agrikheti Introduces Innovative Solutions To Address Real Setbacks Of Agricultural Sector In India

Agrikheti, the leading agriculture technology company in India, is thrilled to announce its commitment to providing next-generation agricultural solutions to all the farmers across India. With a focus on comprehensive training and development initiatives, Agrikheti stands out in the industry with its sustainable farming practices, technological integration, quality assurance and certification, proficiency in branding and…

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